mcfly85 (mcfly85) wrote in the_smithery,

Labyrinth News!

My contact at Landmark Theatres has confirmed that Labyrinth is being re-released on Friday August 3rd! There's no official announcement online as yet, but it is most definitely on their summer calendar for the 8/3/2007 release date.

These will be new 35 mm prints, with cleaned-up picture and sound, and as far as I know, comparable to the most recent DVD issue. (I saw an original 80s print screened last year, and I'm looking forward to seeing it on the big screen with digital sound and no scratches.)

I don't know how wide this release will be. When Mirrormask was first released in the United States, it was solely exhibited by the Landmark chain. This may be something like that. For now, I can say that Labyrinth WILL be showing this summer, at least at some of the Landmark theatres in the States!

I'll keep everyone posted as I find out more info....

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